It all started on OkCupid...

Four years ago, Alex and his wife met on OkCupid. Alex's background in real estate gave him an idea. If they could harness the power of artificial intelligence to help them find each other, they could also use AI to match renters with apartments they'll love. So they set out to build it. But during one of our many meetings with real estate companies to show them the prototype, an agent said to them, "You know what would be amazing?  If rather than just sending me leads, you guys could actually build me something that gets people into the apartments."  Meaning, understanding who to specifically target and to turn them into customers.

Currently across the real estate industry, only 3% of buyers and renters who reach out about a listing end up closing on a deal with that agent - that's incredibly inefficient! REMY builds customized solutions for brokerages to enable them to find everybody a home they love.

Leadership Team

Alex Tseng
CEO / Product Manager

Alex is a real estate strategist with a vision for creating communities through real estate. Prior to REMY, Alex honed his design sensibility as a designer and project manager for some of the world's renowned design firms. He's also a licensed architect and licensed real estate salesperson.

Uri Maxima
CTO / Engineer

Uri is the founder of Hivebridge Labs, a creative office for mobile app development, and cofounder of CoFound Harlem, a Harlem-based tech accelerator. He has developed several full-stack SaaS platforms including Mobile City Services revolutionizing NYC's laundry industry.

Core Team

Julian Sharifi
UX Strategist/Front-End

A UX strategist and iOS developer with a passion for experience architecture, Julian is a walking UX bible and comes up with all our catchy taglines.

Dhariana Lozano
Head of Community

Co-Founder of Supremacy Marketing, Dhariana has over 7 years of experience in social media and digital marketing under her belt. She manages the digital presence of NYC brands including Chef Jordan Andino, 2nd City and Amsterdam Billiards.

Our Values

We believe that people are meant to live in community with one another.

Team players
We only bring on those who genuinely believe in what we do.

Failure is when we learn the most, and we should not be afraid of doing something that scares us a bit.