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REMY is the mobile back-of-house platform for real estate agents, teams, and brokerages
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The average close rate on real estate leads is only 3%.

70% of online real estate leads say they weren't followed up with effectively.

Organic leads have a 14.6% close rate, versus 1.7% for outbound leads.

49% of buyers expect an instant response, but 77% of agents take up to 4 hours.

40% of buyers prefer texting with their agent, but only 15% of agents text their clients.

Text messages have a 98% open rate.

The average agent spends 15-20% of their income (~$700/ mo) on marketing.

60% of agents who make $100k+ a year use a CRM.

70% of real estate agents have a website.

You're 100% guaranteed to close more deals with REMY.

Streamline your operations.

REMY gives real estate agents a unified toolkit to manage your listings and your sales funnel from anywhere, saving you 1-2 hours a day and keeping your business organized so that you can meet clients and close deals. Think of us as your personal assistant.
Brokerage platform - Leads

Generate more leads

Uploading your listings to REMY is as simple as dropping in a link. We'll migrate the data for you, and automatically feed your listings out to sites like Streeteasy, RentHop, and Apartments.com so you only have to list it once.

Brokerage platform - Leads

Nurture your leads

Automatically sync all communications with your leads in one place. We can even respond to leads on your behalf within 5 minutes, boosting lead conversions by 21x.

Brokerage Platform - CRM

Close deals

We'll guide your leads through the sales funnel, and give you "power-ups" designed to maximize success in closing deals.

Brokerage website

We take care of the rest!

Don't fuss with hiring a web developer to make you a website - we'll give you a modern, customizable and SEO optimized website that puts your brand and your listings in the spotlight.

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Get real estate superpowers!

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