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Uploading Listings Onto the REMY Platform

Alex Tseng | December 12, 2017

Step One: Upload listing

Do you use currently use another syndication service or track your inventory on Google Sheets?

If you do, then you can upload your listings in bulk. Go to Listings, then click on Integrations. Follow the prompts. Click on the lightbulb to open the prompt.
If not, then go to Listings, and click on the big orange + (Plus) sign to add listings individually.  Follow the prompts, adding details into each of the four tabs (Location, Media, Essentials, and Extras).

Step Two: Syndicate all your listings

Click on Syndication.  For each listing site that you want to use, turn the toggle On by clicking on the toggle.  Blue means it’s on, grey means it’s off. You will have to sign up for each of the listing platforms before we can start syndicating to them.

Step Three: Syndicate individual listings

You can control syndication for individual listings by going to Listings.  Click on the particular listing that you want to control syndication for.  Click Extras, and scroll to the bottom, where you will be able to control which individual listing websites to send a particular listing to.
Email us at hello (at) if you need help. Happy syndicating!